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How we can retrieve lost soul parts and why it is important to do so.

The question of whether or not there is a soul is a source of debate in psychology. Established representatives of neuropsychology, for example, see no basis for the existence of a soul.

At the same time, representatives of transpersonal psychology are beginning to have some success in the field of psychotherapy by incorporating the concept of “soul”. For example, they have been able to establish that our soul is divisible and that recovering lost parts of our soul can contribute to our healing.

But what causes a part of our soul to split off? How can we prevent that and what do we have to do to get it back? And: Can it even be harmful to recover lost soul parts?

talking to souls

Talking to Souls – The Phenomenon of Dissociation

In order to better explain the phenomenon of soul parts, it may be helpful to use an example.

A client comes into my practice and reports feeling lifeless and numb, two indications of at least a depressive mood. We go back to the root of the problem and end up in the middle of a road accident. A motorcyclist had made a daring overtaking manoeuvre and my client’s car was unable to avoid him.

The motorcycle crashed into the car and the car went into the ditch. My client, a passenger, and the driver of the car were taken to hospital with serious injuries, and the motorcyclist lost his life.

The reliving in therapy enabled us to recognise the trauma – the mental and emotional impact of this incident – and to experience the feelings associated with it. During reliving it became clear that the client had a bird’s eye view of certain moments without being prompted to do so. It was as if he had experienced the worst moment from a safe distance outside his body.

Out of body experiences

An out-of-body experience often occurs in traumatic situations, such as abuse or other dramatic life events. In psychology, this phenomenon is known as dissociation.

There is a risk that these dissociations can also occur out of the blue in everyday life after such an event. Suddenly you are out of your body and unable to carry out your daily activities. Your knees start to shake, you can’t walk straight and you feel like you’re going to fall. This is, as you can imagine, extremely problematic for those affected.

In my client’s case, he was left with a lack of drive and a “heaviness”. So I asked him – while he was in a superconscious state – where his vitality and zest for life had gone. “It’s still up there looking at the scene of the accident,” came the reply. “Then ask that vitality what it needs to come back to you. You could really use it,” I replied, and the client fell silent as his eyes began to flicker.

What are we doing here? Are we talking to the soul or a part of the soul? It is not necessary to believe in the soul in order to heal. However, when we ask clients how they would describe the appearance of this part of their consciousness, they often report a bright light or a bright yellow glow.

When we manage to bring back this lost part of the soul, the subsequent reactions of our clients are extremely positive. In my case the depression was gone two weeks after the session.

Lost soul parts in children

Soul splitting does not only happen in accidents. Children find it relatively easy to leave their bodies. They like to do this in situations where they feel uncomfortable or in danger. The downside is that not all parts return when the danger is over.

retrieving soul parts first aggravation

Is there a possibility of initial aggravation when we bring back soul parts?

As with so many new forms of therapy, there is a fear of possible initial aggravation when soul parts are returned. It can take time for the spiritually initiated transformation process to reach the body and for the body to integrate the new information. During this time it is quite possible that the client will feel ‘different’ and that this feeling will be disconcerting.

However, it turned out that the feeling of irritation soon subsides and gives way to a feeling of being more oneself again. If this does not happen, then the problem needs to be worked on at a deeper (or higher) level, for example in a past life or in the life between lifes.

Can soul parts split off and then live on?

What do those parts of the soul that don’t come back do? Are they lost forever, do they live a life of their own, or do they fall into a kind of sleep? In our work we find that although access to that part seems to have been lost, the part itself continues to exist.

As soon as we regain access, we usually find ourselves in a kind of bright cloud. We are alone, often far from earth. We are just there and we are fine. So splitting off parts of our soul seems to be a kind of protective mechanism to avoid traumatising our whole being in the event of a threatening incident.

In a way, we move a part of ourselves to an external hard drive in the hope that we will be able to access it again once we have fixed the error on our computer.

So far, my colleagues and I have not experienced the reincarnation of such parts, at least not while the body is still alive on Earth. However, it does happen that they can attach themselves to other people, either because they feel comfortable there, or because they are captured (consciously or unconsciously). You can read more about this in the article Freedom from Obsessive Energies.


When we retrieve soul parts it can bring about a powerful process of transformation in our lives. We feel more in the here and now, more awake and fresher in spirit.

Whether you have soul parts waiting to be retrieved is something we usually discover in a roundabout way in our 1 to 1 sessions. However, I will soon be developing a Soul Journey – a short youtube video – that can help you to find out if there is a part of your soul out there waiting for you.

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