First we transformed our lives. Now we help others transform their lives.


compassion, kindness & ground-breaking therapeutic techniques are our ingredients

This world is in desperate need. A group of people from the worldwide regression therapy community have set out to make ‘Soul Science’ available to all.

Located all over the planet and united in our love for humanity, we strive to change your world and are at your side for your soul adventure.

The Method

Regression Therapy &

The Birth of Soul Science

We have not yet seen the limits of this method. There is still a lot to explore in terms of its potential!
Hans TEnDam
Founder of Tasso-Institute, Author

How it works

You have an issue to solve, a question to explore or a pain to heal? No matter what is aking your heart we have the methods to explore it.

Either you book a course or an individual session it is up to your taste. Find a therapist amoung our gang that speaks your language or even lives near by.

You may connect online or in person. A session takes around one to two hours, a therapy three to six sessions.


Here comes The gang

Have a chat with one of our enthusiastic therapists

and find out more about the process.

Roland Schroll

Therapist, Tech, Blogger

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Therapist & ??


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