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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
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In recent years (especially after COVID) the number of online sessions has increased dramatically. We can say that almost all our techniques can be applied via this medium (except touch). If the client has a good wifi connection and can provide a quiet space, then we can definitely recommend it.

The cost is agreed with the coach. Some charge by the hour, others charge a fixed price per session. Prices generally range from $90 to $120 per hour.

It depends on you. Some prefer to venture into the world of soul healing step by step and as anonymously as possible. Our courses are for them. Others want to go straight to medias in res because they have a burning issue. Then you should contact a coach directly.

Generally no. All our coaches are trained to be able to complete a chosen topic in one session. Of course, it is always possible that other issues may arise during the session or over time. So the only (positive) side effect is that your soul gets some air and more ideas for deep healing.

In general, we are talking about 1 to 3 hours. The length of the session varies greatly because our problems and healing processes are as different as we humans are. We therapists stay with the process until it is complete.

We work with trauma, depression, anxiety, people who are looking for a new perspective in their lives, and anyone who is experiencing insurmountable problems in their relationships or work.
There are virtually no limits to the scope of the work.
The exception is people who are severely disturbed and at the same time have no insight into their illness. It is also difficult to work with people whose ego boundaries have been destroyed and who can no longer distinguish between their own experiences and those of others.

Until now, payment has been arranged directly with the coach. Invoicing and bank transfer are possible with all our coaches.